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Defence Forensics UK provides professional impartial forensic testing and consultation to all clients involved in both civil and criminal legal matters, whether of a litigious nature or not. Defence Forensics UK provides a forensic science testing and consultation service covering all areas of forensic science, specialising in forensic biology and DNA testing.

Consultation may be provided in a proactive role before evidence has been searched for, collected, examined and analysed, or after such evidence has been processed and analysis of results already conducted. The fundamental areas in which Defence Forensics UK can provide expert consultation are detailed on the left navigation bar. Please click on the relevant button to find out more about the services that Defence Forensics UK has to offer in each area. As this is an overview, if the service you require is not listed, please contact us to determine if we can help.

With a wealth of knowledge in forensic science testing and service provision to legal practitioners and police forces across the world under various legal systems, and related forensic technologies, Defence Forensics UK is able to provide expert, thorough and unbiased forensic expertise in a timely fashion. In any matter where expert forensic testing and consultation are required, please contact Defence Forensics UK to determine if we are able to help with your needs inlcuding and other online retailer companies.

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